Diamond Dressers

Diamond Dressers

Diamond dressers are used for re-sharpening the tiny cutting edges on the grinding wheel's surface. They fracture the wheel's abrasive grains, exposing sharp new edges. At the same time, the wheel is also cleaned by removing metallic dust and other particles that have entered the tiny spaces between the grains. This process is important for maintaining the sharpness of the wheel and extending its lifespan.

Your grinding needs will determine the grinding wheel's width, diameter, grain type, grain size and bond type.

Shahak offers a wide variety of dressers from both natural and synthetic diamonds, with either polished or natural shape. Our products include:

Single point dressers - Made from top quality natural diamonds, available sizes 0.25 - 5 Cts. These dressing tools are recommended for all grades of truing and dressing (from rough to smooth) on larger sized grinding wheels.

Cluster and multipoint dressers - A low cost option for rough dressing, these tools are especially adept at eliminating metallic build up from heavily used wheels.

Impregnated and multi-set dressers - These special tools feature several layers of diamonds. Once a layer is worn away, another one automatically replaces it. Depending on the intended use, they are made with a range of metal bonds varying from soft to very hard tungsten carbide matrix , and feature assorted grain sizes from coarse (16/20) up to fine (270/325).

Chisel form dressers - Intended for high-accuracy form dressing attachments, the special flat stone diamonds used in these tools are polished to a precise angle and radius. We manufacture a variety of customized diamond and polycrystalline chisels.

Cone point dressers - Created from precisely formed conical diamonds and customized to your specific needs (such as the angle or radius of the stone’s nose), these tools are generally used for radius and form dressing.

Blade type dressers - We offer a wide selection of blade type tools for a multiplicity of dressing functions and procedures. The heads of these tools are specially designed to be expended completely without the need for resetting.