Internal Grinding

Wheels and Pins for Internal Grinding

We manufacture a wide range of grinding pins and smaller wheels/mounted wheels for internal grinding purposes. Grinding pins are ideal for jig and internal grinding applications, cylindrical grinding machines and air or electric hand tools.

The body of the mounted wheels is made of aluminum, while the grinding pins shanks are made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide.

The Diamond or CBN layer is made of metal or resin bond.

Our grinding pins head shape and size , shank size, bonding material, length and grit size can be customize according to your needs.

diamond and cbn wheels


All grinding pins are available in special shapes:



Available with metal or resin bond:
Metal bond:
  • SMB-71 (Medium-Soft)
  • SMB-48 (Medium)
Resin bond:
  • ZK-6
  • ZK-10
All grinding pins are available in different dimensions upon request.
internal grinding tool