Honing Stones

Honing Stones

Honing stones are mainly used to hone internal cylindrical surfaces.

Diamond and CBN honing stones are used to hone precision surfaces and to achieve high removal rates on a variety of hard, soft and abrasive materials.

Shahak’s superabrasive honing stones have become a preferred alternative to traditional honing stones made from SiC or Al2O3. Our stones are manufactured from diamonds or CBN grains with metal or resin bond and with unique geometry.

Our honing stones provide superior cutting action, fast stock removal, fine surface finish, accurate tolerances and consistent performance over time. They achieve excellent results on a variety of materials including cast iron, carbide, soft and hard steels, hard chrome, ceramics and nonferrous materials.


We supply our customers with honing stone segments of different shapes and sizes, according to their specific needs. We also provide replacement and renewal services for worn honing stones, including brazing and grinding.