Bonding Materials

Bonding Materials

When used for grinding, the bond is one of the main factors used to determine which tool to use for cutting a specific material.

Selection is partially based on how hard or abrasive the given work material is.

Metal Bond

Metal bonded superabrasives have excellent grit retention and wear resistance compared to resin or vitrified bonded tools. They are used for rough/semi-finish processing and ensure a longer wheel life. They are also widely used for form and profile grinding in which the tools are required to keep profile.

Metal Bonds for Diamond and CBN Wheels and Grinding Pins

Concentration for all wheels and pins: 25%-125%.


Resin bond

Resin bonded tools have excellent grinding ability. Because of the bond’s elasticity they are first-rate when it comes to processing efficiency, free cutting, and surface finish. They also result in minimal chipping.

Their main use is for precision grinding of hard to grind materials and for finish grinding of parts which require superior surface finish.

Resin Bonds for Diamond, and CBN Grinding Wheels and Cut-Off Wheels