Superabrasive Grit Size and Concentration

Superabrasive Grit Size and Concentration

The chosen grit size affects the performance of the wheel, determining the stock removal rate and surface finish that can be achieved.

Coarser grit size enables higher material removal rate and rougher surface finishing, while a fine grit size is used for attaining a smoother surface finishing.

The grit designation is prefixed with a "D" to denote diamond and a "B" to denote CBN.


The abrasive concentration is the ratio between the diamond/CBN grains’ weight and thevolume of the abrasive layer. For example, a standard concentration of 100 equals 4.4 carats per cubic centimeter.

The concentration of the abrasive grain has a direct effect on the performance of the grinding tool.

High concentrations (100-200) are suitable for mass production of parts and tools made from tungsten carbide, HSS, ceramic products, creep-feed and profile grinding.

Main advantages: long lasting, cost effective, low maintenance grinding tools, which guarantee high removal rates, high surface finish for overall production efficiency. Mainly used in resin and metal bonds.

Medium concentrations (75-125) used for tool maintenance, resharpening and internal grinding.

Mainly used in resin and metal bonds.

Low concentrations (25-100) are suitable for cutting discs, honing, dressing, drilling and general uses.