Use Instructions

Mounting and Balancing

When mounting your diamond or CBN grinding wheel, make sure that the wheel is balanced and runs true. Generally, the wheel is machined to tolerances of ISO H6/H7.

Once mounted on the proper arbor, the grinding wheel should not be removed

It is important to choose a flange, spindle and arbor that are of suitable dimensions, with a diameter of at least 33% of the wheel diameter, and the bore no more than 20% of the wheel diameter.

Before assembling, check that the spindle and flange are in good condition, neither dirty nor frayed, and that the spindle taper itself runs very true, within a maximum deviance of 0.002 mm.

When assembling, make sure that the wheel is placed correctly on its surface and that all bolts are fastened and secured (according to the flange manufacturer’s instructions).


After assembling and prior to operation, ensure that the grinding wheel is balanced.

For static balancing of the wheel, move the balancing weights found in the flange into position in order to counteract any imbalances.

After the wheel has been mounted on the spindle, perform an initial manual test to ensure that the wheel’s total run-out is no more than 0.02mm.