Wheels and Accessories


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For more than three decades we have been manufacturing diamond tools for industrial and dental use. Over the past 10 years Shahak has expanded to manufacture highly specialized wheels for the precision grinding required by the semiconductor industry.

We manufacture each wheel with micron-sized diamonds to achieve production efficiency with the highest level surface finish required by our customers.

These wheels are characterized by their customized geometric design and extreme precision (in terms of both finish and tolerance), as well as the high level of uniformity of the end product.

They are intended for processing a wide variety of hard metals, including tungsten, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, stainless steels, and numerous advanced ceramic materials, such as alumina, zirconia and cermets.

We are highly experienced in manufacturing these wheels in large-scale production with consistent accuracy.

Our vast experience with both large and small businesses around the world has enabled us to create a multitude of processing solutions for advanced industrial use and to develop products according to the exact needs of our costumers.